Le paradigme bitcoin

L'évènement Bitcoin suisse de l'été 2024!

A vos agendas!!!

L'édition du Paradigme Bitcoin 2024 aura lieu du 27 au 29 juin!

Privacy Reunion le 27 Juin, Le Paradigme Bitcoin les 28 et 29 Juin.

En attendant, les vidéos de l’édition 2023 sont disponibles sur notre chaîne Youtube!

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Le Paradigme Bitcoin

Friday June 30th in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This is a paid event aimed at a professional audience and Bitcoiners.

The Jura P2P festival

The weekend of July 1st and 2nd in Les Verrières. It is a free festive, artistic and educational event for the general public.

Privacy Reunion

Saturday July 1st in Neuchâtel. This is a "research" oriented day with technical conferences on cryptography and its use to defend one's privacy online.

Les intervenants

Roman Winiger

Founder of Openmovement

Lionel Jeannerat

Founder of B2BItcoin

Gloire Wanzavalere

Founder of Kivéclair

Edvic El Ters



Découvre Bitcoin


Découvre Bitcoin

Gilles Cadignan​

Founder of Woleet

Arnaud Salomon

CEO of Mt Pelerin

Sébastien Gouspillou

Founder of BBGS

Amadou Diop

Founder of Agiltoo

Jean Daniel Jeanneret

Municipal councilor of La Chaux-de-Fonds

Jordi Baylina

Co-Founder of Polygon zkEVM

Akaki Mamageishvili

Research Scientist for Offchain Labs

Maxim Orlovsky

Founder of Cyphernet

Olga Ukolova

Founder & CEO de Pandora Prime

Awa Sun Yin

Co-founder of Anoma & Namada

Adrian Brink

Co-Founder of Anoma

Amir Taaki

DarkFi Developer

Rachel Rose O’Leary

DarkFi Developer

Massimo Musumeci

Physicist, Development at Denali LLC

Robin Linus

Co-founder of ZeroSync

Simon Toth

Head of Community at Nym


Developer Relations at Nym

Lucas Meier

Cryptographer, MSc Computer Science at EPFL

Alain Brenzikofer

Co-founder & CTO of Integritee AG


Organizer & Founder of Privacy Guardians

Frederic Martin

CTO of myDid

Alan Szepieniec

Co-founder of Neptune

LadyBlockJane (Custom)

Lady Block Jane

Artiste Bitcoin

The Previous Edition

Various events were held throughout the day, attracting a wide range of audiences, from an early morning private meeting between local industry and Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

Free public events such as book signings on Bitcoin, conferences organized with the University of Neuchâtel and the Bitcoin Paradigm party punctuated this rich day.

The proposed activities covered diverse topics such as non-monetary uses of Bitcoin and the presentation of the RGB protocol, suggesting a strong commitment from the Bitcoin community and an interest in relevant topics.


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